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M.Sc. in Computer Science
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

"It's not as much about the technology of today, but the technology of tomorrow"

Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing technologies allow interconnected devices to be embedded unobtrusively in everyday appliances and environments, and to communicate and co-operate to provide information and services on behalf of their human users. The development of Mobile and Ubiquitous computing applications and systems has been identified by many visionaries as a key enabling prerequisite for the evolution of the next generation of technologies.  

The M.Sc. in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing in Trinity College Dublin provides an excellent grounding in the concepts, technologies and skills that underpin this future vision. Creativity and innovation are fostered through practical engagement with the technologies, and development strategies, used in building mobile and ubiquitous computing systems.

An external examiner described the Programme in this fashion: "This M.Sc. is like a technical MBA. You have a small group of students who are tightly integrated and work closely together throughout the year on individual and group projects. They learn everything from fundamental theory and knowledge, through practical and system developmental skills, to innovation and entrepreneurship."


The domain of mobile computing systems, which utilise advanced wireless communication technologies and offer personalised context aware services, is rapidly evolving. So-called "smart spaces", such as "smart homes", "smart offices" and "smart cities", seek to seamlessly integrate these technologies in support of improved quality of life for all citizens. Sensor-based and context-aware systems are becoming readily established in all areas of daily life, ranging from transportation to healthcare and from environmental monitoring to education and entertainment.

The individual technologies that comprise the Mobile and Ubiquitous computing vision increasingly underpin modern Computing and Engineering practice. Professional bodies, such as the ACM, have identified key research and educational themes, and associated skill sets, which are considered essential for domain practitioners. Expertise in networking and wireless communications, mobile software systems and development, knowledge management and technology innovation are increasingly sought by employers in the Information Technology sector.

The M.Sc. in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing is carefully aligned to both the recommendations of the professional Engineering and Computer Science bodies, and to the expressed requirements of both employers and National policy. 


The M.Sc. in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Programme is delivered by academic staff drawn from across the Research Labs and Facilities within the School of Computer Science & Statistics, in association with expert invited speakers and guest lecturers.

The Programme staff are carefully selected to ensure that their Research Interests and Activities are closely aligned to the individual modules they deliver within the M.Sc. This helps ensure that we maintain the dynamicism and relevance that underpins a modern M.Sc. offering.

M.Sc. dissertation projects are offered by academics from all disciplines and innovative interdisciplinary research and collaboration is encouraged and fostered within the M.Sc. in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Programme.

The School Research overview is articulated here and programme staff are drawn from the Computer Systems and Intelligent Systems Research disciplines.

Printed Information

The Course summary information sheet, that formed part of our School Postgraduate prospectus, is available here: TCD MSc Computer Science (Mobile).pdf

Course Data

The programme was offered as an M.Sc. in Computer Science (Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing). The course code was DPTCS-MUCO-1F09.

Applying for Admission

This program is closed to applications

Contact Us

The Programme Director for the M.Sc. in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing is Dr. Ciarán Mc Goldrick
The Course Administrator is Ms. Gillian Long

Any queries relating to the Programme should be directed to the Administrator at
Tel: +353-(0)1-896 1765

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