Dr. Ciáran Mc Goldrick

Assistant Professor

School of Computer Science and Statistics

Trinity College Dublin

School of Computer Science and Statistics
O'Reilly Institute, Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2, Ireland
Room 1.10a, Lloyd Institute  map
+353 1 896 3626


Course Director:

I was Course Director for our one year, full-time M.Sc. in Computer Science (Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing) through to 2015. Details on the course are available here.


EE2E10 - Engineering Science IV (S2 2015/16)


EE2E10 - Engineering Science IV (S2 2014/15)
EE2E10 - Engineering Science IV (S1 2013/14)
EE2E10 - Engineering Science IV (S1 2012/13)




AfricaCrypt 2016: Attribute-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption with a Bounded Number of Inputs
ICNC 2016: Evaluation of a Time Radio Signal as Wireless Sensor Synchronization Beacon
SIGCSE 2016: Droning On: Reflections on Integrating UAV Technology into a Computer Engineering Design Laboratory
GlobeCom 2015: Purposing AAL to an Aging Population : AAW (Walking), AAD (Driving) and the IoV (Internet of Vehicles)
IEEE COMSOC MMTC: Independent Active Aging - the Role of 5G and Autonomous Vehicles
WUWNet 2015: WaterCom - A Multilevel, Multipurpose Underwater Communications Test Platform
Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2015: Multi-identity and Multi-key Leveled FHE from Learning with Errors
Cryptology and Network Security - CANS 2014: Bootstrappable Identity-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Progress in Cryptology - AFRICACRYPT 2014: Anonymous IBE from Quadratic Residuosity with Improved Performance
FIE 2014: Using Collaborative Learning to Enhance Critical Reflection
ICEER 2014: Enhancing Ethical Awareness though Practical Engagement with Mobile Media
MSSP 2014: ASDAH: An Automated Structural Change Detection Algorithm based on Hilbert-Huang Transform

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Internet of Things:

I am primarily concerned with future concepts for the collection through to delivery of data in ultra low-power, deeply embedded constrained systems. This embraces all aspects of these systems - hardware, software and applications, and targets innovative, practical, reliable solutions. We are presently active in the renewables domain, with activity in both wind and wave energy projects, and in the (so-called) Smart Systems space e.g. Smart Cities, Smart Vehicles, Smart Health, etc.

I am also active in the security space - with a particular focus on future security concepts, paradigms and approaches that scale in an Internet of Things context.

Computer Science and Engineering Education:

The fields of computer science and engineering education seek to bridge the gap between the academic in the classroom and the more formal field of educational research. My early contributions in this field took the form of research-led innovations in teaching practice that emanated from of my research in wireless networking. Thereafter, I moved from the positivist paradigm that forms the bedrock of quantitative scientific research, to a more constructivist view of world where each individual’s experiences, and their interpretation of these experiences, are what give meaning to phenomena. Our recent work aims to formulate theories or hypotheses based on field data. While these approaches can seem very different, they often reinforce each other in education, where quantitative and qualitative data are readily available.They also provide compelling evidence of the tight integration and synthesis of my ongoing research within my teaching and academic practice.

Recent Projects and Proposals

ICONN 2015 (European Industrial DoCtorate on Offshore WiNd and Wave ENergy):H2020 MSCA EID:Coordinator:93.8%. Funded.
TrainNOWW 2015 (A Training Network in Offshore Wind and Wave Energy):H2020 MSCA ETN:Coordinator:86.2%
LEEF 2014 (Lifelong-learning Engineering Education for the Future):H2020 SEAC:Partner:Unsuccessful
TrainNOWW 2013/14 (A Training Network in Offshore Wind and Wave Energy):FP7 MC ITN:Coordinator:88.6%
ProWind 2012/13 (Performance, Monitoring and Prognostics for Offshore Wind Energy Farms):FP7 MC ITN:Coordinator:89.4%
SYSWind 2009/13 (Training future mechanical, civil, electronic engineers and computer scientists in SYStem Identification, Condition & Health Monitoring for a New Generation of WIND Turbines):Partner/Research Strand Leader:94%



Michael Clear (PhD Student)


Jeff Warren (September 2014)
Esther Simon (September 2014)
Frederick Wetterling (October 2013)

Conferences & Workshops

You might consider submitting to some of the following conferences that I am involved with this year:
ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition 2015
Sensornets 2015
Frontiers in Education (FIE 2015)


Academic CV - August 2014 version
Teaching Philosophy - March 2012 (partially updated in July 2014)
Publications - August 2014.


Dissertation Projects - August 2015.
I'm happy to consider compelling project proposals that involve hardware, networking or wireless technologies. Ideally they will be well aligned with my research interests.
I envisage 2 projects in VLC and security for vehicular platooning; and 2 further projects in Underwatering Networking. Applicants should have strong programming and be interested in working with some hardware and simulation systems. All projects will include the opportunity for collaboration with UCLA.
Please contact me by Email and we can then meet to discuss it further.